Our Story

A True Fairy-TILE Story

Once upon a time, in a land shaped like a boot,
Lived a young Italian boy with very little loot.

He taught himself to build, using marble, brick and tile,
And became a well-known artisan in the old Italian style.

Soon he got some helpers, to chisel, sculpt and drill things.
He started up a company, restoring famous buildings.

Now far across the sea, in a land not quite so quaint,
Lived a young American girl who yearned to learn to paint.

Old destiny did send her, with art supplies in hand,
To study oil painting in the distant boot-shaped land.

Well, the artist met the builder, and things got pretty hot!
Not too long thereafter, they up and tied the knot.

They then had to determine in which country they’d reside.
To his dismay, she got her way. The winner was the bride!

She schlepped him to the States, and together they now own
A tile and marble company in your very zone.

In keeping with tradition, their work is done by hand.
They don’t do mass production, so the end result is grand.

When you choose a Contractor, play an active part.
Choose the master craftsman, if you want the work of art!


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