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Bernardo Vallefuoco, born and raised in Naples, Italy, began restoring and remodeling buildings and homes in his native country in 1983. As owner of PROGETTO CASA RESTAURI in Florence, Italy since 1990, he specialized in marble and ceramic tile installation and antique building restoration until his move to the USA in 1998. His previous projects include some of the most visible spaces in Tuscany, such as the Santa Maria Novella Train Station and many others buildings in Florence’s historic center, as well as residences throughout Empoli. His hands-on approach to running the business ensures that installations are carried out using methods passed down from true old world artisans, as well as the modern skills of the USA. He, like all our installers, gets his hands dirty each day. This keeps him grounded, and highly involved in the artistry and planning of our installations, whether behind the scenes or in the field.

Gianna Vallefuoco made her way to Italy to study oil painting after double majoring in Spanish and Psychology. She was drawn to Florence both to study fine arts and to further her skills in foreign language. With an emphasis on figurative oil painting, she became active in the contemporary art community in Florence. Gianna still uses her art experience and psychology background to assist clients with selections, style, layout, and personal intention.  In 2014, she incorporated mindfulness into all her work, helping clients create Intentional Spaces, while bringing mindfulness workshops to the construction industry. Gianna believes mindfulness belongs in all industries, and now teaches Mindfulness Workshops to diverse audiences including first responders, crisis intervention teams, trade associations, businesses, law enforcement, psychologists, public and private schools and universities, and at retreat centers. Her focus is on how to thrive within the workplace and our communities. 

Community has played a huge role in building Vallefuoco Contractors, and the Vallefuoco’s other passion projects, including Beyond Gifted – a mindfulness-based gift portal, and Disability Inclusion Guild – a 501(c)3 dedicated to breaking social barriers for people with disabilities. Vallefuoco Contractors would not be here today without the support of our own local metropolitan Washington, DC community. Our clients are part of our local community, and bringing education and awareness to our clients is a priority for us. Gianna is a member of the NTCA Consumer Education Committee, mindfully educating and assisting tile consumers on a national level. 

Our Team, both in the office and in the field, is our greatest asset. We are fortunate to have some of the top talent in our industry working for us, some for over 22 years. A successful installation is always a team process, involving communication, planning, decision making, and cooperation. We owe our success to the wisdom and brilliance of our detail-oriented office staff and highly skilled and dedicated installers and helpers. Tile is one of the most visible finishes of the building and remodeling process, and we consider it to be installed art. Our team works tirelessly to ensure we estimate and finish our projects using best practices, so we can honor the goals of our clients and the accompanying work of our fellow tradespeople. 

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