How We Started

Structural Arches

These are structural arches from a villa Bernardo restored in Tuscany. Look through the door and you may see the Arno River.

Commercial Installations

Although we specialize in residential installation, we do some commercial work as well. This was our first commercial project. Clearly our camera was as dated as this project.

Mosaic Mania

When we first moved from Italy to the USA, we rented a small apartment. Bernardo couldn’t renovate a home we didn’t own, so he decided to tile every mobile object he got his hands on. The first one was this coffee table, for which he hand-cut all the mosaic pieces. Wish we could remember what happened to that coffee table…

Natural Stone

Above is 12×12 limestone which was the trend back in (the end of) the 1900’s when we started. Stone trends have changed, but stone lovers are still the same. If you can’t embrace the dramatic shade variation associated with natural stone, go for porcelain. If you’re not sure, read this!

The Mural of The Story

Gianna started out doing murals after leaving Italy. Once our business grew too busy, she put down her paintbrush for a while. But fortunately she picked it up  again to keep painting.

Counter Measures

Our early projects included tiled countertops. Many types of tile are highly rated for countertop installations. Still a fun idea… especially now that tiles come as big as slabs.


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